Do You Want To Change Your Life?

My life took a turn for the worst when I realized I had anxiety. I had no idea what I wanted to do, or if id ever be able to make myself pick a career and go out and get a job. I was a mess. Anxiety leaves you putting so much pressure on yourself. You feel like you should constantly be doing something, and you beat yourself up when you don’t force yourself to do it.

I had no idea how I was going to cope with my anxiety and get a job, I barely wanted to leave the house as it was. I was earning no money for myself and time was ticking by, I was constantly relying on my mum for everything and that didn’t feel right to me, at my age I should be out earning my own money like everyone else. I felt pathetic and that’s what I kept telling myself.

What Did I Do?

One day I was on social media and I came across this recruiting post on Instagram. At first, I didn’t think anything of it, until I kept seeing it. I was watching this girl be able to work from her living room, and she seemed to be doing well, so I was curious, but a little unsure.

One day I decided to message her to find out a bit more, and I went to my mum with the information to see what she thought. At first, she didn’t have much faith in the idea either. I couldn’t let it go though, I thought about it loads, and wondered if it could work for me. Maybe I actually could work from home and make my self some money without having to leave the house. It would solve a lot of my worries and issues.

We discussed it some more and I came to the conclusion that I needed to wait for my birthday to pay the sign up fee, which was only a couple of weeks away anyway.

A few days before my birthday the girl I was talking to asked me if I wanted to listen into one of the free calls they were holding which would explain the business more to me, so I did that and halfway through I was telling mum what an amazing opportunity it sounded like and she said I could have the money early as it was only a couple of days away. So I got signed up that evening and it was honestly so exciting, starting something new, but all from the comfort of my own home.

The girls on the call were talking about how they earn more than a full time wage from doing this full time, and that’s all I wanted. I thought, if they can do that I don’t see why I can’t, with the time and consistency. I had all the time in the world because I had no job and I hadn’t started open uni yet. These girls started it while they were working full time, so I knew I would be able to do it around any other commitments I may get.

What Changed?

From then on, I started to see the bigger picture with it, I started to realize I could actually make this a career, and I wouldn’t have to go out job hunting and make my anxiety worse. I realized how comfortable I felt doing this and I felt really happy to know it wasn’t effecting my anxiety at all, I felt comfortable and that meant more to me then earning money really. I needed something to keep my busy and occupied and I finally found it. So i gave it the dedicated and time it needed.

I put my all into it and went to hit my first promotion 3 months later, which gave me a massive confidence boost, I actually felt like I could achieve greatness with this now. I also got a commission rise with it too, which was great. But at that point the way I was feeling meant more to me then the money, cause I was never one to have money or need it.

A couple of months later I went on to the next promotion and that came with a £300 bonus, which to me was an insane amount of money, and that’s when I knew this was the real deal for me. Yeah it’s hard, but it’s worth it, just like opening a business on the high street would be hard, it’s a hard i’m willing to work for, because working from home and feeling better in myself is worth so much. I found my passion, and i know i’ll do this forever.

Self Confidence

Not only has the business done wonders for my self-confidence, but the products have too. I was always sightly underweight and I never worried too much about what I was eating. I had bad skin, a low immune system, weak hair, and it made me feel horrible. But now my diet is so healthy, my skin has cleared up, my immune system is strong, my nails are so long and solid I love them, and my weight is on the up which makes me feel much better. I never would have been on these amazing products if it wasn’t for joining the business. I shout about them for days because they have done wonders for my confidence.

Opening It Up To Others

I want to help others feel the way I do. I know a lot of anxiety problems can start with the lifestyle they live. Do you dread getting up the next morning to go to work, feel tense all day and come home sore, just so you can work on someone else’s dream? If that’s the case it’s time to make some changes, because you won’t feel any better until you get rid of what is holding you down.

If you think working from your phone, from home would make you feel a bit better like it has for me then follow me on Instagram and message me, because i’m opening places up on my team. I’ll be with you all the way through, as a mentor and a friend. This opportunity can change your life too, if you let it. It all starts with you, deciding to make that change.


Follow my Instagram if you’d like more information, you are welcome to message me, even if it’s just about wanting someone who can relate to your anxiety, please feel free.

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