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Do I Have Panic Attacks?

You may ask yourself this, you may not know you’re experiencing a panic attack when its happening, the first one can feel so foreign and overwhelming and difficult to identify, but if you can identify what’s happening, you may be able to help yourself overcome them quicker.

Some people may experience panic attacks differently, they may not feel all the symptoms, and sometimes they may have a panic attack worse than any other before and feel overwhelmed with the fear. It all depends on the cause, or the situation you’re in.

What Does A Panic Attack Feel Like?

Here’s a few symptoms you may feel if you’re experiencing a panic attack.

  • Heart racing
  • Feeling out of control
  • Heavy breathing, losing your breath
  • Dizzy or lightheaded
  • Trembling, shaking inside and out of your body
  • Feeling like you’re going to be sick
  • Pains in your chest
  • Your legs may feel weak, like they’re going to give way
  • The world may feel like its closing in around you
  • Blurry eyesight

What Runs Through Your Mind When Having A Panic Attack?

When I have a panic, the panic attack leads me to worry even more than I did before the panic attack started. Naturally when having a panic attack, we worry about;

  • Feeling like we might die, from lack of breathing
  • Losing control
  • Feeling like you may faint
  • Having a heart attack, as your chest generally hurts.

I cry when I have a panic, with makes my breathing even worse and sometimes it can become a vicious cycle, and breaking that cycle can become very hard.

What Can Help With My Attacks?

When having a panic attack, your mind is working overdrive, and it needs to focus on one thing, so focusing on your breathing can help to start with, as it helps your mind focus on one thing, instead of thinking about loads of things at once, causing you too panic.

One thing I found helpful, is mindfulness, this helps you train your mind to focus on one thing. It’s a guide to finding peace in a frantic world. This is perfect for anyone who wants to calm their mind, focus on one thing during panic attacks, and wants to look after their mental health.

I listened to this as an audio book, and when I have a panic attack now, I think back to what he taught me and its so useful, my panic attacks are now shorter and ive learnt how to train my mind back in.

You can buy it as an audio book and listen when you feel like you need, or buy the book, you have a few choices.

You can find this here:

Another thing that may help with controlling your panic attacks is focusing on self care after, by giving your mind what it wants, so for example if you’ve had a panic attack because of a certain situation, you may need to take yourself out of that situation.

Telling someone you trust about your panic attacks is a good idea, so they know what to look for, the next time it happens and they can help you deal with it, by being with you. You may feel like you should be alone, but having someone by my side always helps, as I try to focus on them.

When Might I Have A Panic Attack?

It’s different for everyone and everyone’s triggers are different, you may notice that particular places or situations can cause you regular panic attacks. For example for me, my trigger is traveling on public transport. If you can find your triggers, you may be able to cut this out, depending on what it is.

Never knowing when a panic could happen was the worst feeling for me, so if I can now avoid situations where I know they will be triggered, than I do my best. But not every situation and panic attack can be avoided, so we need to find other ways to deal with them.


Find your trigger, find your solution, work on your mind, and eventually it will get easier for you. Easier said than done, I know. But with time, I have managed to cut mine by half, so it is possible.





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